Employees injured on-the-job should be directed to one of the AlaMed industrial medicine physicians. Serious injuries or emergency situations should seek the most immediate and appropriate emergency care.

Call CCMSI as soon as you are made aware of an accident/injury. Let the person who answers the phone know that you have a new claim to report and you will be connected with someone who can take the required information. Should you have a serious accident on the weekend or after hours, please call CCMSI's toll free number, 888-603-4846 and you will be given instructions to talk to an adjuster to report the claim.

Make sure the primary care facility conducts a post-accident drug screen.

To Report a claim call:


Or Email a First Report of Injury Form to:


Account Manager: John Burns, Phone: (601)608-1006, Email:

Claims Supervisor: Kyle Ziglar, Phone: (205)545-2803, Email:

Claims Adjuster (Lost Time): Monica Cody, Phone: (205)545-2801,

Claims Adjuster (Medical Only): Rob Hood, Phone: (205)545-2802, Email:


Below are printable PDF's for your office's use:

CCMSI Quick Reference Guide

First Report of Injury Form